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Wonder Gardens

Pond & Water Feature Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Renovations 

Serving Ft. Worth, Arlington & Mansfield Texas (TX) Area

Wonder Gardens

Pond & Water Feature Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Renovations In The Ft. Worth, Arlington & Mansfield Texas (TX) Area


Since 1998, Wonder Gardens’ owner Joshua Crowe has worked in the landscaping business in several capacities and has gained an exceptional amount of experience, gaining a specialty in installing water features.

In 2005, Joshua decided to start his own landscaping business and bring his expertise in waterscape to the residents of Ft. Worth, Arlington & Mansfield Texas (TX) Area. In fact, most of Joshua’s current customers have come from referrals by other customers, his former employer, and other contractors who realized Joshua’s talent early on in his career. 

With only a dream and his talents, Joshua has become one of the eminent landscapers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With his thorough understanding of water features, he has the ability to create ponds and water structures of all sizes -- all the way up to 50x50!


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Wonder Gardens

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