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Our list of affiliates/recommended companies we are partnering with.

Million Dollar Landscaper

Million Dollar Landscaper is a coaching company by Scott and Kati Molchan, built specifically for landscapers who want to take their landscaping business and push it over one million a year.

Landscape Marketing Secrets

Laura and her husband, Matt, started Reale Landscape Design in 2000 and then in 2010 changed the company name to AquaReale, to reflect their emphasis on water features and stormwater management. AquaReale had sales of $1,000,000 in 2021 and continues to grow.


SynkedUP started forming as a vague pipe dream of an idea while we were onboarding onto software to run our growing landscaping business.

Pond Trade Magazine

POND TRADE is written by pond experts — authorities in the industry whose backgrounds are as unique and varied as our readers. From Japanese koi farmers to rock and boulder specialists; from outdoor lighting designers to aquatic botany Ph. D.s; from bloggers to business consultants to purveyors of pumps; these are the people who will shape the pond industry today and into the future.


Atlantic-Oase is a proud member of the Oase Group, the global leader of the Water Feature industry. We offer a continuously growing roster of the most respected products in the world. From enchanting Fountain and Water Entertainment systems of every size imaginable, to innovative Formal Spillways, Spouts and WaterWalls, we offer unique products for the hardscape.


Airmax was founded with a passion to improve the methods in which pond owners care for their ponds. Airmax works with a simple set of guidelines; focus on SAFE, natural solutions that are SIMPLE to use while providing outstanding results.

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