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Get More Leads with an ONS “Google Friendly” Website

ONS Website = More Leads + More Revenue


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What is Google Friendly?

“Google Friendly” Sites have proprietary technology that other websites don’t have, helping our sites perform better than other websites on Google search results. In short our websites communicate more information to Google, increasing your search ranking and your visibility in search and in voice search.

Voice Search Friendly?

A Voice Search Friendly Website is a website that is optimized to be easily accessible and understandable by voice-enabled virtual assistants and search engines. With the increasing popularity of voice-activated devices and virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana, optimizing your website for voice search has become crucial to ensure that your content can be effectively found and understood by users using voice commands.

Our Websites Are also “Friendly” to Potential Customers.

Having a website that effectively speaks to both customers and Google is crucial for achieving online success and maximizing your website’s visibility, user engagement, and conversions. Balancing the needs and preferences of both audiences can lead to a well-rounded and optimized online presence. By understanding your customers’ needs and creating content that resonates with them while also adhering to Google’s guidelines, we can achieve higher visibility, improved user engagement, and ultimately drive meaningful leads to your business.

With ONS, your website isn’t just custom-built for your business — the design is based on what we’ve seen work best for other outdoor service businesses. It is built to feature the right types of engagement and content for your audiences, maximizing conversions and ultimately giving you more leads!

We do all the work. Really!

We’re not your typical website development company. Our founders are Outdoor Service contractors. We understand that you don’t have time to help us build your website. Just a short (1-2 hour) onboarding call and we take it from there.. It really is that simple.


“Most of our leads come from online, and they’re finding us easier than they used to.”

Barbie & Paul Holdeman

“It makes the phone ring.”

Jason Lenox

“Actually, It saved my business.”

Lloyd Lightsey


There are a lot of companies and hobby enthusiasts that “Build” websites. Websites take a lot of time and attention to develop and maintain. They need to be taken care of on a regular basis. You should never set up a website and leave it. Your website is your business’s #1 online asset and you should be prepared to invest into this asset. Our team is constantly updating and managing your website to ensure it is performing at its best 24/7.

Will My Website Rank with Google?

Search Engines (like Google) want to rank relevant content to what people are looking for. As an Outdoor Service professional our web designers & developers are familiar with your services, they specialize in local websites for small to medium-sized businesses and are honest hard working people just like you. With 20+ years of experience and hundreds of happy customers, you can count on us to produce you a website that impresses potential customers and ranks well on google searches. View Our Website Portfolio to see Our Website Designs. Always have your Website linked to your Google My Business. Google My Business is FREE and it will connect you to Google Maps and give your website credibility.

Our Websites are Engaging With Plenty Of Photos, Videos, And Content That Potential Clients Are Searching For Online?

How About Branding?

Does Your Website Help Build Your Local Brand, For The Services Your Business Provides Locally?


Your website is your business’s first impression for potential customers. When built correctly, your website will pay for itself through customer leads and phone calls. Having your content displayed in such a way that “Human” interaction is engaging and making sure it gets referenced by search engines is the key to a successful website design.
Does your current website brand your business professionally, or does it leave potential clients confused by an old or outdated website? If your website was built before 2018, you might consider having it updated. Technology is advancing faster than business owners can keep up with. Needing to market your business on multiple social media platforms and keep an updated website is overload for most small businesses like yours. We can take care of all this for you with just one short onboarding meeting. We take care of your website so you can take care of your business.

WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE Outdoor Network Services?

2 REASONS YOU SHOULD JOIN Outdoor Network Services


Our team has more than 70+ years of experience as contractors and garden center retail managers. We know your industry and the terminology for the services you provide.


We stand behind the results our clients websites & listing pages produce. We get you on page#1, your phone rings , you make the sale, build the job, & ultimately make more money! It’s that simple.

We build custom websites that are professional and effective. We have years of experience in the Outdoor Living construction world making your website project stress free. Partnering with us is like having an extension of your business that just WORKS! WIth no drama!

With your content leading the way we will make the most of our skills and web design services to build an incredible visually stunning platform tailored for your business and individual requirements. Our Websites convey your quality of work and company values to customers and visitors.


Interested In Our Web Services?

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