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Outdoor Network Services FAQ’s

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

​We’ve assembled our most commonly asked questions here and tried to answer them in easy to understand terms.

What services do you provide/Who is Outdoor Network Services?

We are a couple of professional pond contractors turned outdoor service industry marketing specialists that truly love what we do please read our message to you "The Business Owner! We are based in Kentucky & New Jersey and have individually been running our local small businesses for over 15 years each. Every day, (just like you) we wake up to new challenges and new opportunities, and we are fortunate to share our idea we developed to market our individual businesses using our Outdoor Network Services network of websites, contractors, and our directory service network. Our team is comprised of a mix of small business marketing specialists, web designers, and client representatives whose whole focus is getting the outdoor service providers and product retailers who partner with us strong local online exposure, by increasing the number of organic listings on all search engines. We invite you to give us a call and learn more about us and our history, learn more about our proof of concept here and share in our vision for the future of online contractor marketing.

How do you get my phone to ring?

We allow online customers to find our members in a variety of ways, mostly including organic (Non Paid) search engine optimization techniques, and a variety of customized online listings on our network websites. Due to the ever changing nature of the internet, there are always great new ways to get your business information in front of your local targeted audience. Once your company’s information is up on one of our highly optimized websites, we go to work making your business highly visible online under your services you offer in your local market. One of the great perks of partnering with Outdoor Network Services is that while we are managing the online marketing for your business, you get to focus on what you do best, which is providing a quality service to your new local customers.

What is the minimum cost for your services?

We strongly believe in pay for performance advertising. We want to prove to you how effective our basic services can be. We therefore do not require any term contract for our basic text state listing for the state your business is located in. You can quit our services at any time if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Where do I begin the process?

The process is really easy. Fill out the basic company contact form and we take care of the rest. You can sign up online here. Once you sign up we can typically have your advertising campaigns up and running after your business is confirmed by us at Outdoor Network Services. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to our paid listing services right away, we would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about our services. You can contact us by phone at 1.866.208.9481 or by filling out our contact form. When we contact you we will have an honest conversation about your business and your current online marketing techniques if any, and we will give you all the options we have that apply to your current service based business. Also checkout our Contractor's Tool Box to see what else we have assembled to use for your business advancement.

How much does the average company pay?

Our most common client listings consists of a premium monthly subscription of $100 (per Outdoor Network Services state website) for premium company banner listings for each service your company offers. You get to choose which one of our service websites we offer, we handle the rest. Your monthly subscription covers a professional contractor website listing. Learn more about what you get with your subscription. Or Get Access To A Full Cost Breakdown for an average contractor on our network.

Do I have to pay for your leads?

One of the unique aspects about our Outdoor Network Services listing service is that your new customer calls come straight to your business phone number. We do not directly speak or have any contact with your new calling clients. We encourage all of our partners to experiment with the amount of services we offer to achieve a comfortable price point where they can get the best return on your monthly investment. We do have reasonable minimum prices based on your industry, which we are happy to discuss with you.

What is a lead?

A client or project lead occurs when someone contacts you either directly by phone or by email through one of your listing contact forms on our network websites. Keep in mind that not all contacts made to you would be considered valid leads. There is complete transparency in our lead generation process, meaning that at all times you will be able to track exactly how many leads you have been receiving. Every time a call is placed to you that originated from one of our listings, your business phone will ring, during that call politely ask "How did you find out about us/", keep track of what they searched for online and follow up with the same search on your own. You should find your company's listing or website on page #1. Additionally all online form submission leads are sent straight to your inbox.

What if I want more leads?

It's pretty much like everything else in life "You Get What You Pay For"… if you raise your monthly budget, we can be more aggressive in listing your business, and venture into our custom website creation leasing program. You will more than likely receive more quality leads if your clients are finding the specific services they need that your company provides. There are numerous outside factors that can also affect your lead volume. Often times, the change in volume isn't noticeable instantaneously, but rather can be seen more accurately after some time has passed, at this point you will know that an increased online presence is needed, and we can provide that Get Access To A Full Cost Breakdown.

How do I know exactly how many leads I am going to get?

If we could give you an exact number of phone calls you'll get, we should be playing the lottery as a business instead of this. While you won’t know exactly how many leads you will receive, we should be able to give you an educated guess based on our experience, your service category, and your service area's market. Our Outdoor Network Services services are drastically different and unique from other lead generated service providers in that we connect local homeowners directly with the contractors who choose to partner with us. We won’t know how people in your area will respond to your online presence in your particular area until we get started, and there are several constantly moving variables that affect the number of leads you receive (weather and climate, the timing of the holidays, the population of your service area, and various other market factors that affect lead volume).

What if I already have my own website?

Some of you may be discovering the world of internet marketing for the first time, most of our partners have their own websites in addition to using our service specific websites and listings services. Many of them came to us because their high priced "new" websites were not producing the amount of new leads that they had anticipated. Since we specialize in search engine optimization for many specific outdoor service related businesses like yours, we can provide an additional, more visible, online branding campaign so that your business can achieve greater visibility, and thus you will be able to attract more localized online searchers. Considering the advantages of Outdoor Network Services online marketing compared to traditional forms of advertising, we encourage all of our partners to seek out a strong online presence through a variety of channels.

Can I have More than one website?

Why would you want to have more than one website? Well, this scenario occurs when you have a clear targeted marketing plan and you want to populate as many search engine listings as possible. When you have multiple URL's (websites) running on sub-domains that support your company's main website, it helps to confirm the information you are displaying online to be listed. Companies that offer multiple services across the outdoor industry will find that these services are harder and harder to be found be potential clients looking for a service professional. Our Outdoor Network Services Custom Website Leasing Program specializes in optimizing your local outdoor service based business. Pond Installation & Maintenance, Landscaping, Hardscaping & Landscape Supply locations, and many other service professionals will benefit from this marketing technique.

What Do You Charge For A New Website?

Check for pricing here.

Why do I need to be listed on your network?

Think of our Outdoor Network Services network as the battery that powers your websites. If you buy a new sports car without a battery, you would have to invite people over to your garage to see it, obviously only after it's towed there. If you purchase a high priced website without being optimized for SEO or connected to a network, the results are the same. You would need to specifically tell people to go to it, they wouldn't find it organically, which ultimately is exactly what you wish would happen. Our network websites are steadily producing thousands of direct refers from Google, Yahoo, and increasing from other smaller search engines like Bing & others each month. These refers come into our websites and are linked through to our Outdoor Network Services members sites and online locations. Clients find the specific service information we provide, and then click to find a contractor in their local markets to do their research, this is ultimately why you would want to be listed on our network websites. We connect you with new clients… it's actually really that simple, the end result is WE MAKE YOUR PHONE RING !


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