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Stand Out From Your Competition
With Custom Video Headers for your Listing Pages, Websites & Facebook!

Not only do video headers make you standout. They also get ranked by search engines, and listed accordingly!

We Have The Time And Expertise To Create Eye Catching Videos.

If you’re running a small to medium sized green industry business, you’re most likely in the field actually working, or managing your employees to get the job done on a daily basis. You throw your marketing hat on occasionally OR… Not at all because your to far in your business. Instead of working ON IT !

Simple Cell Phone Quality Video Is Usually Enough To Capture Someone’s Attention !

Videos don’t need to be professionally done or edited. They only need to be quick 10-15 second videos that we set to play looped as the background or header display. Either as a section background or in the header, search engines will pick up on them loaded in your sites and rank them accordingly the same.

Video Backgrounds Can Also Be Used In Sections

Video backgrounds can be either moving video images, or still images edited in video format. If you don’t have video files to fit your specific content, we can use your still images to get a similar effect. Either way if you want to spice up your website let us know before we build your new site, or… we can always update your page headers and sections later on. Both styles of videos get ranked by search engines.

From Calm Motion Videos To Fast Paced Construction Backgrounds, Nothing Draws In People’s Attention Like A Video!

Not Only Do Video Headers Look Great!
They Work Great! They’re A must Have!

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