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Tom’s Pond Service

Pond Installation & Maintenance Contractor

Serving Wheeling-Chicagoland | Illinois | IL

About Tom’s Pond In Wheeling-Chicagoland | Illinois | IL


Tom’s Pond Service, Inc., in Wheeling-Chicagoland | Illinois | IL, established in 1998, specializes in pond repairs, maintenance and pond enhancements, throughout the Western and Northern Illinois Suburb areas. Tom Koza, owner and operator, has a tremendous background in the aquatic world, providing him with a unique understanding of fish and their habitats, which leads to the success of Tom’s Pond Service. We offer a wide range of services from small repairs, to re-building your pond or water feature. We also offer a monthly maintenance program to care for your pond or fountain, and keep up with the changing effects each season brings. We service Cook & Lake County, Illinois (IL) areas.

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