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Pond & Lake Management Services - Fountains, Aeration, Installation & Maintenance

Serving Greater Indianapolis Metro, Hamilton, Boone, Marion & Madison Counties, IN and surrounding areas

Since 1989, Ponds Rx has been passionate about restoring our valuable water resources by eliminating nuisance, non-native aquatic weeds, and algae in ponds and lakes.  We design programs that use the latest and safest products available.  When possible, we use many natural and biological solutions to accomplish our client’s goals.

Our online store offers the best, safest product selection while providing advice and direction for our client’s needs.

Ponds Rx gives back to our community by volunteering hundreds of hours each year in various organizations and charities.


*Member of the Society of Lake Management Professions

*Member of the Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society-Board Member

*Member of the Indiana Lakes Management Society


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 If you live in the Greater Indianapolis Metro Area, Hamilton, Boone, Marion & Madison Counties, and surrounding areas area and you're looking for a fast quote on service for your pond, please fill out the form below so we can access the current condition of your pond. This information will help us to accurately calculate travel distance for our service technicians, and your uploaded photos will allow us to accurately judge pricing for services without scheduling a paid consultation visit. 

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