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Pond & Water Feature Design Contractor Installation & Maintenance Services

Hampden County, Western Massachusetts (MA), Northern Connecticut (CT)

Backyard Fish Pond Construction

Since 1998, Picture Perfect Ponds has been designing & building natural looking, one-of-a-kind, ecologically balanced, low-maintenance ponds, fountains and pondless waterfalls in Hampden County, Western Massachusetts, and Hartford County, Northern Connecticut and the surrounding areas. We have a passion for ponds and will build you the pond of your dreams!

Pond Builders & maintenance and repair contractors' driving force behind most healthy pond ecosystems is the filtration system. Here in Western Mass, and Northern CT areas, a Picture Perfect Ponds ecosystem makes use of both mechanical and biological filtration. Mechanical filters remove physical particles of various sizes from the water via filter pad material. 

Imagine walking out of your back door into paradise. The soothing sound of water greets you as it courses through a stream and cascades down a series of waterfalls. Fish gracefully glide through the water, butterflies dance among the flowers, and birds sing in the nearby trees. You can feel the stress and anxiety of the day start to melt away as you relax and spend time in your newly installed “backyard paradise”, realizing that this is what you have always dreamed of. CONTACT US to learn more about our services.



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