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The Creative Minds Behind Outdoor Network Services

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We Had An Idea That Was Too Good

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We Explored The Possibilities

Outdoor Network Services was created in 2014 by Jeff Duggins & BJ Linger, two friends and water feature contractor business owners in the water garden industry. In order to understand what makes our Outdoor Network Services company and services different than any other web development or online listing companies we feel that it is important to first learn a little about us and our history.

So How Did Two Contractors

Join The Web Marketing World?

Meet Jeff Duggins

Hello, my name is Jeff Duggins, I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Kentucky.

I spent 14 years in the computer industry as a software developer and manager creating solutions for fortune 500 companies. In 2005, after growing exhausted from the corporate grind, I decided to pursue my passion of ponds and water features and start a Pond installation and Maintenance business in the Lexington Kentucky area. It was this decision that would ultimately introduce me to my business partner BJ Linger through Aquascape Inc.’s Certified Contractor Program.

Jeff’s Story

I first met BJ in 2005 at Aquascapes Pondemonium contractor training conference. BJ had owned his own Pond Installation and Maintenance business in the Colts Neck NJ area since 1999. I was eager for knowledge of my new found business and being who he is Bj was eager to share his knowledge of the industry with me. ​​

Working Together

The kindness and sharing nature of BJ, Aquascape and all of the pond contractors at the conference quickly boosted my pond business. Through the next several years I quickly learned that I could give back to the contractors that had helped me with my business through my knowledge of online marketing and website SEO practices. It was here that BJ and I first started working together with online marketing strategies for our businesses. In 2010 we started collaborating on website designs and facebook marketing initiatives. ​

Allow me to digress for a moment here. Anyone that knows BJ will tell you he has one of the most creative minds in the water garden industry. Many pond companies/manufacturers across the country have utilized BJ’s creative skills on multiple projects. His innovative designs and creative thinking earned him the first Water Feature Artist of the year award in 2011 from Aquascape Inc.

Meet BJ Linger

Hello my name is BJ LInger and I consider myself a “Jack Of All Trades”! I have certifications in fiber optic communications ​installations & testing as well backgrounds in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, general construction, audio visual, and graphic design. I stumbled into my current passion for water features after building a pond for my mother to enjoy after my father passed away in 1998.

BJ’s Story

I started my pond company in 1999 looking to feed my new passion for water features, and over the last 20 years I have designed built and or collaborated on hundreds of projects in 17 different states and 4 different countries in my travels. In 2003 we applied to be a Certified Aquascape Contractor. I was honored to receive Aquascape Inc’s first Water Feature Artist Of The Year for the creations installed in our clients backyards in Central New Jersey.

I first met Jeff Duggins in 2005 at a pond manufacturer conference in St Charles Illinois, good people tend to gravitate towards each other and to say that Jeff has an infectious personality is an understatement. His business sense, professionalism, talent, and teammates including his wife Rachel Duggins are a sought after crew to network with at many events by many contractors and retailers. You can usually find them hosting round table discussion groups on a broad range of topics including, retail, marketing, and business strategies.

Graphic Design Background

My graphic design background was formed out of necessity to market my pond business. Business cards, t-shirts, brochures and signage, and design concepts was where I sharpened those skills. My interest in marketing started when I created my business Facebook page. I found out a way to make my Facebook “Notes” appear in Google searches, and I’ve been hooked ever since. When I was ready to create a website I reached out to Jeff to pick his brain, and the rest is history..

The Start Of Outdoor Network Services

At this point you may be thinking what does any of this have to do with Outdoor Network Services. Jeff’s technical background and knowledge of Search Engine Optimizations combined with BJ’s outside the box mindset and design sense made for some impressive website designs and online results. We spent the next couple of years helping various other contractors with their facebook and website marketing. What we quickly learned over these few short years was that generally speaking contractors want to be contractors and want nothing to do with computers, facebook and especially SEO and marketing.

Putting It All Together
In November of 2014 the idea was hatched to create one single online source where customers could find pond contractors online. The concept was pretty simple. By creating “Mini 5-Page Websites” on a single domain that linked to each company website and having each company link back to our listing pages we would be creating a fully linked network of pond service providers. In essence we utilized the linking power that google provides for websites with like content that link to each other to skyrocket our service pages to the top of Search engines across the country. This was the foundation for the “Outdoor Network Services” Network.

Our history and past business experience in the industry gives us a strategic advantage over other web development and online marketing businesses. Simply put, we understand the water feature, landscape, and retail products that support those industries, as well as your business needs. We know the lingo and can effectively take your services and company culture and relay it to potential customers that find you online with very little effort on your part.

We hope that you will trust us with your online marketing and become a part of our growing network of outdoor living professionals. Check out or customer testimonials or simply call one of our customers and ask them about our services.

We look forward to working with you.

BJ Linger- President
Jeff Duggins- Vice President
Outdoor Network Services

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