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Pond & Lake Management Services

Serving San Marcos, San Antonio & Austin, Texas (TX), Bexar and Surrounding Counties

Founded by Malcolm Johnson III we have been offering Pond Management services for the San Marcos, San Antonio & Austin, Texas area since 1980.

Malcolm was one of the original pioneers of the fisheries management industry in the state of Texas. 

Gary Brown, an Aquatic Biologist, has worked at Johnson Lake Management for 30 years and is the General Manager.  He holds a BS in Biology from Texas State University and is a former President of the Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society.
Scott Smith is one of the owners and helps oversee operations.  He earned a BS from Texas A&M in Aquaculture in 1989 and an MS in Fisheries Science at Auburn University in 1995.  Mr. Smith has been a co-owner, co-founder of Aquatic Features, Inc., Johnson Lake Management's parent company, since 2000.  Prior to Aquatic Features Inc., Mr. Smith worked as a researcher at The El Carao Fisheries Research Station in Comayagua, Honduras, the Production Manager of Simaron Freshwater Fish in Hempstead, Texas, and the General Manager of Anguilla Eel Farm in Petersburg, Virginia.

Gilbert Salazar, an aquatic technician, has been with Johnson Lake Management since 2010.


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