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Koi Pond Contractor, Pond Design, Installation & Maintenance Services

Serving Frisco, McKinney, Dallas, Allen, Lucas, Plano and most of the North & East Dallas, Texas Areas

FNC Ponds

Backyard Fish Pond Construction


The koi ponds & water gardens we at, Fnc Ponds in Frisco, Texas (TX), construct for our clients around the Dallas, Allen, Lucas, Plano areas around North & East Dallas, Texas, rely on a naturally balanced ecosystem to stay clean and clear without the use of such unnatural ‘cures’ as pond chemicals and UV radiation sterilizers. Simply, the beneficial bacteria that colonize the filters, rocks, and gravel of the pond break down fish waste and other organic materials and turn the harmful ammonia into ammonium nitrate, which is plant fertilizer.

The aquatic plants, installed directly into the gravel substrate take in these free-floating nutrients, helping to starve algae, which wants the same nutrients, out of the system. The fish will then graze the thin layer of algae that do try to grow on the rocks as well as any other organic material that may find its way into the pond. Once the ecosystem is established and balanced, you don’t need to feed the fish or fertilize the plants. The system is nearly self-maintaining.



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