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Pond & Water Feature Design, Installation & Maintenance Service 

Serving North Texas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Decatur, Texas (TX) 

All of Tarrant, Wise & Parker Counties

DFW Ponds Inc

Backyard Fish Pond Construction


A balanced ecosystem makes a pond, like the ones shown here, need little to no maintenance. Which in turn makes for an enjoyable experience for all. A pond is a living, breathing ecosystem, which changes with the season, and from night to day. If you live in the North Texas, Tarrant, Wise & Parker Counties, Dallas or Fort Worth areas, give us a call today if one of these beautiful features peak your interest!

Serving North Texas, Tarrant, Wise & Parker Counties, Dallas & Fort Worth areas , DFW Ponds is your one source pond builder and water feature maintenance, restoration and improvement specialist.  From seasonal clean-outs to the installation of filtration systems and waterfalls, DFW Ponds is at your service.

DFW Ponds Inc. was originally founded in the Decatur Texas area as an Environmental Enhancement which was established in 1996 with the idea of building waterfalls for people in the North Texas, Dallas & Fort Worth areas. Trey was in-house project manager at the Fort Worth Zoo from 1991 to 1996, during this time period Trey gained understanding on the value of having something beautiful to go to and enjoy everyday. The waterfalls of the Zoo really intrigued Trey with their sounds and looks. Thus, the passion for creating waterfalls was born!


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