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Pond & Water Feature Contractor - Waterfalls, Fountains, Installation & Maintenance

Serving Temecula, Beaumont, Palm Desert, California (CA)

Pond & Water Feature Designer and Builder

Financing Available! 

Are you ready to ad beautiful water feature in your California backyard ? At Columbia Water Gardens we can make that a reality. We now offer financing for our new clients. Fill out our contact form below to learn more. A fish pond or Water Garden, as it is sometimes up of many different parts and when those parts are assembled together correctly by a professional pond contractor, they form a beautiful and naturalistic work of art that changes personality with the time of day, the change of the seasons, and the moods of mother nature to enhance your home or business in Temecula, Beaumont, Palm Desert, Hemet, California (CA) & surrounding areas.

With the proper balance of Pond fish, pond plants and healthy bacteria present, not only is Pond maintenance reduced, but water quality is enhanced. In the end, we have a backyard pond that not only looks better, it is better, both for the natural habitat of fish and birds and other creatures that are drawn to water in nature, but for us as well, as we now will have more time to enjoy it, with family and friends. To learn more about Columbia Water Gardens check us out on YouTube 

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If you live in our area and you’re looking for a fast quote on service for your pond, or are looking for a new water feature, please fill out the form below so we can access the current condition of your pond, water feature, or current yard. This information will help us to accurately calculate travel distance for our service technicians, and your uploaded photos will allow us to accurately judge pricing for services without scheduling a paid consultation visit.

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